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This project is an attempt of creation of artistic, pictorial and acoustic metaphor of pre-cognitive space, which gets into field of our vision for the first time, which there is probably outside of it that is nonlinear, unexcited and absolutely opaque (or absolutely transparent, that it is the same thing technically). In this state the space exists for a few moments nearly at once it starts to be filled with our reactions, reactions to reactions, the comments and reaction analysis. The whole space begins to split into the signal elements, be structured, be compared with potential counterparts with varying degrees of swiftness, but pretty quickly.
It starts to be filled with a text, turn into the text until it disappears, finally, in whole inside any random category. Being two-dimensional it can be get lost forever in indistinctly created file for something similar.
If separate fragment of space-text starts to return with unalterable regularity it can be removed out of main context, appropriated and turned into lyric episode of private or collective autobiography.
In this project I tried to create pictorial and acoustic sceneries maximally free from linear development, from narrative and didactic component. We would like to remember or approach again amazing moment of sincere surprise, which causes any space found itself within of our attention for the first time. Or, rather, sincere noticed for the first time.
At this moment, before the space starts to be shared and scattered in our systems of denominations, it, breathless, retains its stunning integrity and impermeable non-dimension.


Moscow, Russia

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